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About Rebel CSA

Looking for an alternative, better for you, the community, and the environment, way to source your food?

From Our Farm to Your Table

An amazing array of fresh seasonal veggies–everything from spring greens to winter squash–we are already growing heirloom tomatoes in the greenhouse!

  • Bush beans (three different varieties)

  • Specialty melons

  • Summer and winter squash are

  • Heirloom tomato varieties

  • Basil

  • Greens of all kinds

  • Root veggies

  • Food for the Soul

  • Baked goods made from scratch

  • Jams, syrups, and sweets

  • Paw Paw

  • Asparagus

  • Options

We learned SO MUCH last season! After listening to what folks wanted to see in the future, we decided to split the CSA into categories including options like the Quick and Easy Salad Lovers Assortment and Pastured Poultry. We have partnered up with Regeneratively Ransom, Allison Grimm, formerly known as the Ransom Chicken Lady, to offer beyond organic poultry! Allison's poultry is out in the pasture every day and they are supplemented with clean non GMO feed.

Why is joining our CSA good for your health, the environment, the local community, and your pocket book?

  • The cost

  • Your Health

  • The Environment

  • The Community

  • You'll be shopping local

Let's start with the cost.

We don't have to tell you that the cost of fresh vegetables has risen dramatically sin the last few years. If you look at the USDA projections for 2023, the prices are still rising significantly, partly because of trucking and fertilizer costs.

“The average food item on a U.S. grocery shelf has traveled farther than most families go on their annual vacations.”
― Barbara Kingsolver, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life


You are inflation-proofing your food by purchasing in advance. 


Your Health


"The world is now awash in monocultures of genetically uniform varieties, fed by chemical fertilizers."

–Dan Barber, The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food


Not here on Rebel Farm or Regeneratively Ransom. We grow regeneratively, which is beyond organic. We know that our vegetables are more nutrient-dense and taste better than conventionally grown vegetables. We do not use chemicals and we are open for all of our shareholders to inspect and participate.




Regenerative agriculture focuses on the following principles:


  1. Organic matter, soil armor, and fungal networks

  2. The diversity of plants living together 

  3. Continuous Live Plant/Root, which means minimal or no tilling

  4. Livestock integration—Ferti, Lizer, Mac, and the chicks! 

  5. Minimizing soil disturbance and cover cropping



Buying shares means you are helping the local economy in several different ways. You are helping to support the farmer and the folks that we employ. As many of you know, we are a teaching farm. The more veggies we sell, the more farm interns come here to learn via the Wwoof USA program. It also helps us get to the farmer's markets.

Buy local produce.


We are beyond organic. We provide regeneratively grown produce and other unique farm goods.

Beyond Organic, regeneratively grown produce and other unique farm goods are delivered twice monthly.

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